yellow class vehicle races

Yellow Class had a holiday challenge to build any vehicle they wanted with the help of their families

We took our vehicles into the hall and had races to see which vehicle traveled the furthest.


The results of the races were:

Big vehicles – 1st Tahiya, 2nd Maria, 3rd Musa.

Smaller vehicles – 1st Yaseen, 2nd Tasby, 3rd Zayna.

Smaller vehicles 2 – 1st Ridwan, 2nd Amina, 3rd Farhan.

Boats – 1st Yahya, 2nd Shabrina, 3rd Rahifa.

rockets and planes – 1st Neidas, 2nd Rizwan, 3rd Sahiba.

Non pushing vehicles – Draw between Eesa and Ayaan.

Most Passengers – Ayat.

Best collaboration with an adult at home – Musa






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