Visit to the sky garden

As part of their projects on London and Buildings, year 1 and 2 visited the Sky Garden in the City of London.

We saw many different London landmarks including: the monument to the Great Fire of London, the River Thames, City Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Tower of London.

How many landmarks can you spot in our photos?

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Planting seeds and bulbs

We have been planting some seeds and bulbs. We have some questions about how they will grow.

“Will it grow if it doesn’t have any water or sun?” Farhan.

“Will it grow if you give it water?” Tasby.

“Will it grow without soil?” Ilyas.

“Will it grow into a flower?” Labiba R

“Will it grow roots?” Amina.

“Will it grow if you do not give it any light?” Yahya.

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Exploring Autumn

Year 1 have been using all the different coloured Autumn leaves to make some collages. Can you see what we have made?

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Maths fun

We’ve been using numicon pieces to see what 2 parts go together to make a total.

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Year 1 visit Weaver’s Field

Today Year 1 went to Weaver’s Field to see if we could identify any of the plants that lived there.

“I saw a holly leaf. It was growing on a tree.” Musa.

“Holly leaves are spiky and not easy to break,” Yaseen.

“On the beech leaf the veins were a little bit wiggly.” Yahya.

“I found a leaf from a London Plane Tree. It was a bit crunchy.” Sahiba

Can you identify any of the plants we found?


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EYFS Sports Day

On Friday 5th July early years had their sports day at Weavers Field. We had lots of fun joining in the games and races.


After adding up all the points the loins were the winners and all received a medal.

Well done to everyone for taking part, and a special thank you to all the parents for coming and supporting their children, especially those who took part in the Parents Tug of War.


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Chingford Forest

Yellow Class went on an Early years trip to the forest.

We had a competition making dens, it was lots of fun.

Fiona challenged us to find lots of different things around the forest, can you guess what we found?

After lunch we had lots of fun exploring the forest.

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Animals of the rainforest research

Year 4 are finding out about what animals live in the rainforest.

Here are some websites that might help with your research.

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How can animals survive in different habitats?

Year 2 are researching how animals manage to survive in habitats which might be very hot, very cold, very wet or very dry.
These 2 websites will help you to find out how the animals adapt.


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Keeping your teeth healthy

Year 2 have been learning how to keep their teeth clean.
Some people brushed their teeth for 2 minutes, some only brushed for one minutes and some didn’t use toothpaste. One group of people didn’t brush their teeth at all.
We used coloured tablets to see how clean our teeth were.
We found out it is best to brush for 2 minutes using tooth paste.

“If you eat sweets and don’t brush your teeth, all the plaque will go through your enamel and into the pulp.This will hurt!” Abdullah.
“Sweets can hurt your teeth.” Cammar.
“If you don’t brush your teeth you will get tooth ache and your teeth will go rotten.” Emah

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