Making healthy choices

Year 6 have been learning about the human body and how to live a healthy life.

Watch their videos. Which ones would persuade you to make a change and live a healthier life?


Cardiovascular disease 2








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London Zoo

On the 1st march Yellow Class visited London Zoo.

We had lots of fun and saw lots of animals.

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Bow Bus Garage

On Wednesday Yellow Class went to Bow Bus garage. We were very excited waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come.

When we got to the garage Lance came onto the bus and we asked him all the questions we had been thinking about at school.

Then we  went down stairs and everyone had a turn in the drivers seat, beeping the horn and opening the doors. Some children also turned the lights on and off.


Next we drove round to the pit were the buses that have broken down are fixed.

Before coming back to school we said ‘thank you’ to all the people who had shown us around and looked after us at the bus garage.


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yellow class vehicle races

Yellow Class had a holiday challenge to build any vehicle they wanted with the help of their families

We took our vehicles into the hall and had races to see which vehicle traveled the furthest.


The results of the races were:

Big vehicles – 1st Tahiya, 2nd Maria, 3rd Musa.

Smaller vehicles – 1st Yaseen, 2nd Tasby, 3rd Zayna.

Smaller vehicles 2 – 1st Ridwan, 2nd Amina, 3rd Farhan.

Boats – 1st Yahya, 2nd Shabrina, 3rd Rahifa.

rockets and planes – 1st Neidas, 2nd Rizwan, 3rd Sahiba.

Non pushing vehicles – Draw between Eesa and Ayaan.

Most Passengers – Ayat.

Best collaboration with an adult at home – Musa






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Festivals of Light

At the end of the Autumn term Rainbow class learnt all about different Festivals of Light.  We talked about the similarities and differences in how we all celebrate  with our friends and families. We made Diva’s for Diwali.

Rainbow class joined together with Yellow class in Reception to learn to cook a variety of Celebration foods from India, Somalia, Mexico and Britain.

We presented an Assembly showcasing our learning to parents. Children also had a fantastic time at Hague school Christmas Dinner.

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Year 6 School Journey Websites

Year 6 have been making websites about their school journey experiences. Have a look through their work here:

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Tiger Cafe

Yellow Class have been reading ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’.

We decided to have our own tiger cafe and invite our parents.

We had lots of fun taking the orders, serving our parents and collecting the money when they had finished.





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We are supporting Unicef UK’s OutRight campaign!

Green class have been learning all about London this term. As part of Outright’s speak out on air pollution and for the right to a clean, safe environment, we decided to explore the some of the busy roads near our school.

We recorded the vehicles which went past on a tally chart.

Have a look at our results…

Valance Road

Finnis Street

Bethnal Green Road

We found out that Bethnal Green Road was the busiest road with the most vehicles driving past.

We also found out that Finis Street was least busy with smallest number of vehicles driving past.

In class, we discussed some of the ways we can reduce vehicle pollution when travelling to school. We can do this by, walking, taking public transport or riding a bike/scooter to school.

What will you do differently to help reduce air pollution in the area?

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Five reasons why you should walk to school

There are many benefits to walking to school. We have been making a personal commitment to reducing the number of times we are driven to school. Year 5 have come up with our top five reasons for walking.

  1. Walking to school is great for your health because you develop a high level of endurance and it gets your blood flowing around the body.
  2. The fresh, morning air will wake you up,  put you in a great mood and make you ready to tackle the challenges of the day.
  3. Driving to school is bad for the environment as it burns fuel, which releases pollution into the air. This reduces the air quality and can cause breathing problems for many people, especially children with asthma and allergies.
  4. Walking to school is a great time to spend talking to your family and friends. It is also an opportunity for parents to catch up with their friends while doing the morning school run.
  5. Driving to school can be very expensive because you need to pay for fuel.

I hope these reasons have convinced you and your family to walk to school more often.

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Discovery Centre Stratford

Yellow class visited the Discovery Centre in Stratford.

We had lots of fun creating stories in the Julia Donaldson world.





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