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How clean is the air you breathe?

All children have the right to the best possible health. This includes ┬ánutritious food, clean water and a clean environment. Lots of people are worried about the quality of the air in London. There are lots of cars, lorries and … Continue reading

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Do you know how to stay safe around electricity?

Year 4 have been finding out about electricity. We decided that so many aspects of our lives would be different without electricity. Mains electricity can be dangerous. The children used these websites to find out about what steps we need … Continue reading

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Timeline of the Earth

Year 6 used some toilet rolls to make a timeline of the Earth. “I was surprised that humans have been around for such a short amount of time.” Zakiyyah. “I am surprised that dinosaurs appeared quite late in the timeline … Continue reading

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School Summer Gala

Today we had a lovely afternoon at gala. A massive thank you to the organisers and anyone who helped or came and spent money. We look forward to adding up how much money we have raised towards school funds.

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Watching the RAF centenary Fly Past

Today the RAF held the biggest ever London Fly Past to celebrate 100 years since the formation of the Royal Air Force. We all went out to watch and cheer them on.

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Hague World of Work Hat Day

At Hague we have been looking at different jobs that people do and trying some of them out. We asked people to create a hat to represent their favourite job. Here are some of our winners.

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What’s the temperature?

As the weather turns hotter year 2 have been learning how to read thermometers. Click here to see how good you are and to find the difference between 2 temperatures.

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Is this a good investigation?

Year 6 are learning about what makes us healthy, but how do scientists work out what we need to do to stay healthy? The effects of our diet or lifestyle often take many years before they have an impact on … Continue reading

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Burglar Alarms

Year 6 have been designing electrical circuits with switches that work as burglar alarms. They have been trying to protect their chocolate coins which we found did not conduct electricity. Can you see how their circuits work?

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Birds nesting in nursery playground

Today rainbow class noticed some sparrows had made a nest in the bricks in the wall. We spent a lot of time watching the mummy and daddy birds bringing food to the babies and listening to the babies cheeping. Can … Continue reading

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