We are supporting Unicef UK’s OutRight campaign!

Green class have been learning all about London this term. As part of Outright’s speak out on air pollution and for the right to a clean, safe environment, we decided to explore the some of the busy roads near our school.

We recorded the vehicles which went past on a tally chart.

Have a look at our results…

Valance Road

Finnis Street

Bethnal Green Road

We found out that Bethnal Green Road was the busiest road with the most vehicles driving past.

We also found out that Finis Street was least busy with smallest number of vehicles driving past.

In class, we discussed some of the ways we can reduce vehicle pollution when travelling to school. We can do this by, walking, taking public transport or riding a bike/scooter to school.

What will you do differently to help reduce air pollution in the area?

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